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This day we will explore with a guide. We will first visit the Junco lagoon, an extinct crater lagoon where frigate birds come to rinse their wings from the salt and also Bahamas ducks. Then on to the tortoise breeding center where they breed endemic tortoises in order to release them after approx. 5 years into the wild. Lunch will be served in a nice farm. After a break in the hammocks we will continue our exploration and reach the opuntias garden Along the trail, it is possible to encounter species of flora such as Galapagos cotton, chala, mangrove button, manzanillo, muyuyo, tuna, algarrobo, matazarno In addition to the present fauna: Mockingbird of San Cristóbal, small ground Finch, spotted Flycatcher, cactus Finch, and small tree Finch, among others.

Visitors to the garden of Opuntia Cactus can walk down the trail about 2 km/1.2 miles, observing a great variety of flora and fauna characteristic of the ‘Enchanted Islands’. The road, which runs along the coastal part of the island, drive towards a beach of white sand called ‘Twenty sticks’