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The tour consists of a fast boat ride around the coast of the island. Four stops will be made in order to be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the emblematic Kicker Rock (León Dormido). 

Rosa Blanca:

A small bay located on the northeast side of San Cristóbal. It is known for having a variety of small beaches but the main attraction is its largest beach located in the center of the small bay. This place has a large number of dunes which in addition to the crystalline waters creates a unique landscape attraction. 

Bahía Sardina:

Is made up of two beaches. This place is known for its small white sand dunes in addition to the crystalline waters. 

León Dormido/Kicker Rock:

Kicker Rock (León Dormido) is a cone-shaped rock of volcanic tuff in the middle of the ocean. It is approximately 148 meters (485 ft.) high, formed by two rocks that create a canal, making it an ideal spot for different aquatic activities. 

Punta Pitt (No disembark).  

Punta Pitt is located northeast of San Cristobal. It is comprised of a hill that has a small beach full of minerals, one of them being olivine, responsible for the olive green colored sand. 

Due to its geographical location, the area contains large amounts of minerals, making it a perfect feeding spot for hundreds of different pelagic species. The presence of these species in turn makes it an ideal feeding ground for the marine birds nearby, creating a balanced ecosystem. 

You can take part in a fishing activity. 

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