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The highlands of San Cristobal island is where the farms responsible for producing the organic food are located.  Thanks to the weather in this area, the farmers have the potential to provide the area with the food it needs, but the lack of facilities and the cost of production makes raising prices a necessity, driving people to consume products originating from the continent. 

During the tour of the highlands of the island, you will be able to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna. For example, having the opportunity to observe frigatebirds as they clean their feathers by the lagoons shore. El Junco is the only sweetwater lagoon in the area, providing locals with drinkable sweetwater. 

The climate in this region varies between cloudy and clear skies. During a clear sky day, the place turns into a beautiful viewpoint where you will have an uninterrupted view of the coast. 

Descending one of the sides of the islands you will find the turtle breeding center, Galapaguera de Cerro Colorado. The Galápagos National Park is responsible for looking after the center and ensuring the healthy reproduction and cares needed by the turtles in order to avoid having them become prey to various birds and animals in the region. The turtles are eventually set free in the galapaguera, a place that can only be reached by tour boat. 

Puerto Chino beach is located nearby and can only be reached by a single trail. It is a small white-sand beach popular among locals due to the fact that it’s an exceptional place to swim and relax. 

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