Discover North Seymour: Galápagos Wildlife Sanctuary

Unleash your sense of adventure and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of North Seymour Island. From captivating wildlife encounters to mesmerizing diving experiences, this tour offers the ultimate Galápagos adventure. Book now and embark on a journey of discovery in one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations!

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Embark on an Extraordinary Expedition to North Seymour Island

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary expedition to North Seymour Island, an ecological gem nestled in the pristine waters of the Galápagos archipelago. This tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the island’s captivating beauty and diverse wildlife, promising an adventure of a lifetime.

As you step foot on North Seymour’s rugged terrain, you’ll be greeted by a landscape sculpted by ancient volcanic forces, characterized by rocky outcrops, lush vegetation, and breathtaking vistas. The island’s stark beauty is complemented by its rich biodiversity, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike.

One of the highlights of this tour is the captivating walking tour that allows you to explore the island’s unique ecosystems up close. Traverse winding trails shaded by towering cacti and endemic flora as you keep an eye out for the island’s iconic inhabitants. From charismatic blue-footed boobies performing their captivating courtship dances to majestic frigatebirds soaring overhead, North Seymour offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness nature’s spectacle in all its glory.

For those seeking adventure beneath the waves, the tour also includes the option for diving in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island. Dive into a mesmerizing underwater realm teeming with vibrant marine life, from colorful reef fish to graceful sea turtles and elusive hammerhead sharks. With its pristine coral reefs and abundance of marine species, North Seymour’s underwater world promises an unforgettable diving experience for certified divers.

Whether you choose to explore the island’s terrestrial wonders or dive into its azure depths, a visit to North Seymour Island is sure to leave you spellbound. Don’t miss your chance to witness the natural marvels of this enchanting island – book your North Seymour Island tour today and embark on a journey of discovery in the Galápagos archipelago.

Walking Tour

The walking tour lasts approximately an hour and a half. During this tour, you will be able to observe land iguanas and birdwatch frigatebirds. Male frigatebirds are easily distinguishable due to their red-feathered chest. During mating season, their chest size increases in an attempt to attract a mate. Those with the largest chest are able to attract a mate faster.

The island has a colony of blue-footed boobys, baby sea lions, lava gulls (Leucophaeus fuliginosus – endemic to the Galápagos Islands), and the great blue heron. 

The tour will later visit a beach named “Las Bachas”, where thanks to its turquoise-colored water you will be able to snorkel and observe sea turtles as well as baby sharks. 

Later on, you will have the opportunity to observe the beautiful Galápagos flamingos and other seabirds. 


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Diving Tour

It is an ideal place for intermediate to advanced-level divers. It has an area that is 28 meters (92 ft.) deep where you will be able to explore and enjoy the diverse marine life available. For those that are not comfortable with deep waters, there is still an option for you. There is a location that is 18 meters (59 ft.) deep with a sandy bottom where you will get to explore and enjoy the marine life this island has to offer.


The tour includes

Duration of tour

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