Y Sullivan / Playa Dorada / Sombrero Chino

The tour’s itinerary will depend on the permits issued by the national park. This area is made up of an extinct volcano that is over 100 meters (328 ft.) high, and famous for its lava landscape which allows us to date the evolution of the island. The presence of red, black, orange, and green volcanic formations make this a one-of-a-kind destination. Bartolomé, named after British navy sailor David Bartolomé, is one of the youngest islands and is known for its famous pinnacle of approximately 1200 meters square (3,937 ft.).

Bahía Sullivan de Isla Santiago.

During the dry season, this area is known for being a popular stop for spotting large amounts of penguins.  Here you will be able to enjoy snorkeling as well as have the option of going directly to the beach and experience walking on dry Pahoehoe lava.

Playa Dorada de Bartolomé.

From this beach, you can behold the famous pinnacle rock. You will be able to relax and enjoy the golden sand and snorkeling.

Sombrero Chino.

Friday is the only day this tour can take place. Snorkeling is done by the bay and later on, you can enjoy a wonderful short walk around the area.

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