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Av. 12 de Febrero e Ignacio Hernández - San Cristobal, Galápagos.

Turist sites in San Cristobal

" The Galapagos Islands, a World Heritage Site, retain one of the most important biological reserves in the world, and everyone is invited to discover them and live a unique experience of nature and history. "

Opuntia Garden.
" The name of the site is due to the abundant presence of cactus or prickly pears of the genus Opuntias (Opuntia megasperma). Characterized by the small amount of water required in order to survive in dry climates. "

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Natural Giant Tortoise Reserve.
" The island of San Cristóbal has its own endemic species of land turtles, Geochelone chatamensis. The Semi-Natural Reserve of Giant Turtles is one of the places where you can visit this emblematic species. "

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Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido).
" To the northeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is an ancient and eroded volcanic lava tuff cone, named León Dormido or Kicker Rock. It is formed by two rocks approximately 148 meters/485 feet, named for its resemblance of a sleeping lion. "

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Isla Lobos.
" Lobos Island is located approximately twenty minutes by boat from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. It is a long trail of 850 m/approximately one half mile, that takes about one hour to walk. "

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Puerto Grande Beach.
" Puerto Grande is located near Kicker Rock on the northern coast of San Cristobal. This bay is used by shallow-draft boats, by local people as a place of recreation and by fishermen for the maintenance of their boats. "

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Española Island
" At arrival you will reach a snorkel spot where those who want can enjoy a snorkeling and look some tropical fishes, rays, sea lions, etc. "

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Punta Pitt.
" Punta Pitt is located on the northeastern corner of San Cristóbal Island. The trail includes an olivine beach approximately 90 meters/295 feet and a trail that ascends to the top of a volcanic tuff hill passing through several natural viewpoints. "

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Our Tours

" Each tour will be done with the "Sharksky" boat; if it is not available, an alternative boat will be used "

Wizard Hill (Cerro Brujo)- Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido).
" The main attraction is the coral sand beach as well as a variety of flora and fauna species. It is an eroded tuff cone, which in some of its parts, is composed of lava. "

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Manglecito - Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido).
" The mangrove area provides a perfect location for interpretation and observation of marine birds, whereas the beach area is used as a solely recreational area. "

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360° Around The Island.
" The 360°tour takes you to places around San Cristobal Island where the man does not arrive except for the 360° tour, exotic places, beaches, marine life and fishing. "

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Punta Pitt - Natural Giant Tortoise Reserve.
" Punta Pitt is composed of volcanic tuff substrate. The strong winds present themselves in a unique form of natural erosion. "

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