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Av. 12 de Febrero e Ignacio Hernández - San Cristobal, Galápagos.


" We are a travel agency based on San Cristóbal-Galapagos Island, which is dedicated to the sale of eco-tourism programs and in turn we are involved in the support for conservation and social projects in the community. "



Manuel Yepez

" I love what I do be part of marine research projects, being a fisherman, involved in tourism and conservation I can tell you that you can always achieve change when You really want. "

Lorena Acuña

" I was born in San Cristobal, but when I was 7 years old, me and my family moved to Quito. I grew up in this city and that is where I learned how to value our biodiversity and multiple cultures. I also started missing the place where I was born, as there is no other place like the Galápagos, so I decided to go back. I had already started my university education in UTE, studying Tourism. I had learned to appreciate our traditions and tourist attractions and wanted to share and promote them."

Mauricio Hidalgo
(Boat Captain)

" I was born in San Cristobal on November 9, 1973, I have been working at sea for 30 years and 15 years working for Galapagos SharkSky which is an agency dedicated to tourism and conservation. Both fishing and tourism fascinate me, although I could say that in tourism I have more fun. "

Our Boat

Eslora : "11.45 mts".
Manga : "4.60 mts".
Motor : " 2x 300 HP Susuki Ecológicos".
Velocidad: "25 Nudos".