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Av. 12 de Febrero e Ignacio Hernández - San Cristobal, Galápagos.


" You should book this tour as it is an easy way to get to know several places of interest. Practice experiential fishing, walking."


- Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido).

To the northeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is an ancient and eroded volcanic lava tuff cone, named León Dormido or Kicker Rock.

It is formed by two rocks approximately 148 meters / 485 feet, named for its resemblance of a sleeping lion.

The rocks form an exceptional canal for swimming, taking pictures, scuba diving, snorkeling, and observation of species like blue–footed boobie birds, Nazca boobie birds, frigates, pelicans and sea lions. Under water, you can observe Galapagos sharks, white and black tipped reef sharks, hammerheads, sea turtles, eagle rays and many tropical fish.

- White Rose Bay (Bahía Rosa Blanca).

Rosa Blanca is a small bay on San Cristobal Island. It is characterized by having a few small beaches. Nonetheless, its main attraction is the large beach in the center of the small bay where there are quite a few dunes which in combination with crystal-clear waters create spectacular scenery.

The whole bay and the adjacent areas are an ideal place for fishing wahoo, palometa, big eye, mullet, and groupers. One can also find sharks, rays, and marine turtles which make this a perfect place for snorkeling.

- Sardine Bay (Bahía Sardina).

Sardine Bay are characterized by having a beautiful beach with the best conditions for snorkelling and observing the abundance of marine life that the Galapagos Islands have.

- Wizard Hill (Cerro Brujo).

Is located on the northern coast of the San Cristobal Island,the trail to visit this place will take you about 3 hours, accessible only by tour boat.

The main attraction is the coral sand beach as well as a variety of flora and fauna species. It is an eroded tuff cone, which in some of its parts, is composed of lava. The citizens of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno used to extract salt to preserve cod fish, meat from their farms, and tortoise meat.

This is a place to observe marine birds, Cerro Brujo offers an excellent landscape from which you may see León Dormido, the south of the highest part of San Cristobal, and the adjacent coast.

Two halophyte species (Salicornia fructirosa y Scaevolaplumieri) grow here in soils rich in salt.

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